Lets Get Free Passports!!


"Cutting passport fees would encourage tourism in Canada to the United States," says a reporter from Tbnewswatch.com. The prices for passports are what prevents Canadians from coming to the United States. Honestly, passports must be totally free.

U.S. citizens without a doubt must be able to have free passports because sometimes young adults don't have the money, or can't afford it. According to Tbnewswatch.com, passports cost $700 for new citizens and the renewal fee is $400 each year. Also many people in states like Kentucky, North Dakota, and more don't travel because of the prices. Therefore that's why is why U.S. citizens must have free passports.

Passports must be free because we already pay too much taxes. According to CNN.com U.S. citizens already pay bills and taxes so why do we have to pay for passports. Also passports cost more money than most of the bills U.S. citizens pay. Therefore passports must be free because we pay too much taxes.

The Government may argue and say that the prices for passports are fine. In reality many U.S. citizens dislike those prices in fact in most parts of the world they protest about the prices. This argument is wrong because it is an Finacial Burden.

Passports shouldn't be as expensive as they're, also they shouldn't have renewal fees because it is a waste of money. We all should write a letter or sign a petition and send it to the White House. I would love to go to another country than the U.S. and I'm sure that other people would travel if they had the opportunity.