Music Rocks and Helps



            Don't you think students should listen to music while they work? According to a blog at music puts young people in an inspiring mood, and helps us develop ideas. Students should be able to listen to music while they work.

            Young people concentrate better in school with music. According to the National Education longitude study of 1988, music students received more academic honors and awards than non-music students. states students in music scored 57 points higher in their SAT. Students with music focus better and do better in school.

            Some students are musical learners so they should be allowed to learn with something they're comfortable with. says music helps develop brain areas involved with language and reasoning. In my own experience when I listen to music while I do my homework it helps me focus way more, than without music. Young people that are musical learners learn a lot better with music.

            Some people think that listening to music while you wok is a distraction. That is an understandable concern however music does help you focus, and concentrate better. Research shows that students get better grades with music.

            Schools should let students listen to music while they work. Students have to tell their principle how they feel by protesting and really try to persuade them. The Department of Education and the principle should really listen and consider letting students listen to music. Music really does help students concentrate, and focus better in school. Plus, I think it could make work more interesting.


I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion because I often do better whenever I am allowed to listen to music during class. =D