Do you think that students in professional schools should really wear uniforms? student in an article about no uniforms tested that students without uniforms and students who were wearing uniforms got their education the same way. Students should have the choice to wear uniforms.


            Students without doubt express the way they feel through their own cloths. Online at said that schools has tested that students who had uniforms and students who didn't wear their uniforms got the same amount of education. Also New york times said students tend to listen better without uniforms.


            Students absolutely will feel more comfortable learning in their own cloths. New york times also said students look way better with out own cloths. JBA articles say we really don't have to wear uniforms unless required. Students should have a choice to not wear their uniforms.


             Those who believe that we don't need uniforms say that we look better/ more professional when we have uniforms. They also say that wearing our uniforms prevents us from getting bullied. This argument is wrong because students have to express the way they feel by wearing their own cloths. Some students feel more comfortable learning doing work when they wear their own cloths.


             Students should have a choice to not wear uniforms. We should be able to have a choice. Students tend to look better without uniforms. Some people think that students should be able to express the way they feel. Students would feel more comfortable doing their work in their own cloths.