Wouldn't You Want Your Exercise!


Should schools have bigger gyms?  According to an article in HealthQuality.com, researchers said that children ages 2-19 are becoming more obese. There are many reasons why there are a lot of obese people and one of the reasons are because students don't have enough space for gym.  That's why the JBA gym must be expanded; because in small gyms, kids aren't going to let their energy out, and they won't have space because in the JBA gym there are too many kids in one room.

 JBA absolutely has to have a bigger gym because there won't be enough space for 25 people to exercise, which is unsafe.  According from a website called quality health researchers said that in USA 129.6 million people are overweight or avoirdupois also another reason schools should have bigger gyms is because according to new york times kids eat junk food more than healthy foods and they do not exercise.  That's why schools should have bigger gyms.

Even though if you eat healthy, you still have to worry about have a gym that should be big because according to new york times magazine  people that eat healthy and work out become more athletic and they also said that  is better to exercise because you can lose weight and grow muscles if you do that so I recommend it to everybody; that's why you without a doubt have to eat healthy and exercise.

Some people argue that having a bigger gym, is really not that important. Also because they say that getting a bigger gym cost to much money to fix. That's is an understandable concern, however it is absolutely necessary because kids need exercise to be in shape and not be lazy and for the other reason, then kids could make fun raisers and sell chocolate to people and save up money to fix the gym.

If you still want scholars not to be energetic and not raise their hand or participate in class, then don't get a bigger gym.  However, if you do want your scholar energetic and raising their hand then fight for a bigger gym! The only solution is to convince the principal or the school to get a bigger gym by writing letters.  If they don't get bigger gyms, the students won't be energetic and I know you don't want your child to be lazy. So come on now, let's convince our school to give us a bigger gym!



I agree with youe Kelz. Wed

I agree with youe Kelz. Wed o need a bigger gym.