Benefit of Weight Training in Schools




          Without a doubt, schools have weight training and lifting? Physical Labor researches concluded that weight training, and moving heavy weights stunt children's growth in height and strength. Therefore I conclude that JBA should have weight rooms in the gym.

          Scholars in school with weight training are more physically fit. According to the, "Physical Labor weight training, and moving heavy weights, positively increased children's height and strength." Dr.Fraigenbun says, " Their strength gain seem to involve Neurological changes." Dr. MacDonald says, " It appears that the hearts is insulated from the intensity, so it can without a doubt, stop or reduce the chance of a heart attack." According to, " The scholars nervous system and muscles start interacting more effectively because of weight training." If schools have weight training it will without a doubt make scholars more fit.

          Physical shape and being athletic, without a doubt, increase the scholars grade, and concentration in school. According to Physical Labor researchers, "Weight training positively increase the scholars grade and concentration in class and other activity." Physical labor researches studies show that each scholar that weight training increase their grade at least 25% in class. Physical trim and being firm make young adults concentrate better in school, and get better grades.

            Some people argue that weight training is unsafe, and a waste of time and money. That is an understandable concern, but the school can make rules that must be followed to stay safe. Also weight training is not a waste of time because research show people that does weight training, are less tired at school do better in educational institution.

           Jba should have weight training, and lifting. Students and parents should start a petition, and show it to the principal, and Board of Education. Jba should get weight training to stay fit, and muscular, and also do better in school. Also as a JBA scholar we need weight training and lifting to do better in classes, and to bring our grades up.