The Backbreaking Crisis



          Did you know that backpacks should not be heavier than 10% of your body's weight? If you are a student who carries 10-15 pounds on your back every day wouldn't you prefer if the schools provide lockers or electronics to store books for you? This is the only solution to stop the madness of carrying heavy backpacks!

          Heavy backpacks cause bad posture and back pain. If you don't believe me then believe college professor Shelly Goodgold who did a test on 5th-8th graders that carry heavy backpacks. As a result ⅓ of those students now suffer from back pain. According to "backpacks can lead to both pain and bad posture." Lockers and electronics will not only improve student's health but it will also keep them organized.

          Parents agree that getting lockers or electronics are good for a student's health. states that lockers or electronic are preteens and teens best friend, keeping their books safe and them too. Lockers and electronics are something schools must provide.

          Some may argue that lockers or electronics may cost too much money. Additionally they complain that schools don't have enough space for lockers. This is an understandable concern, however what is more important the students or money? If you do care for us students then do what is best and get us lockers or electronics! Did you know research shows that kids who carry backpacks can end up with an illness such as scoliosis?

           Don't you care about how students are suffering because of this situation? Don't you want to stop this? Students who suffer from this situation, it is time to take a stand! Start a petition; write letters to your principal, talk to your parents! If this is something you truly desire, then take action. This problem must end and it will only end because of you.



I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion because i also feel that we need lockers to carry our books in so theres a stop of back pain.