No More State Test!






Have you ever been scared to take a big state test? According to Den News, raising the state bar on the test means "57% of students decreased on the test from 2 years ago when the bar was higher." New York State most definitely shouldn't give state exams for ELA and Math because kids are too pressured by them, and they aren't accurate when it comes to student's true abilities.

Students are overly pushed to take assessment we must do. According to News- Journal one out of 5 days schools conduct practice test. A study by Howard Wolfsdon said," The major uses of data and metric determine whether a teacher is failing or succeeding." Students are forced to take a standardized test that doesn't really show their true amount of learning.

You can't judge a student on how well or bad they did on just one test out of the year. According to Amber Howard a teacher said " standardized test equal standardized student." I could reflect because I'm a good student and do all my work in class, but I just can't take exams.

  Some people may argue that having the state test would let the state know what the students are learning thought-out the school year. The state doesn't know what kids go though at home. That is an understandable concern, however many kids aren't good test takers. How can you judge a student on how they do on one test out of the year? Students are stress about the test because they have to take care of other things in school.

  If you really care about your students and our grades, the state shouldn't be allowed to give us ELA and Math state exams. Students, parents, and principals must make a petition or organize a protest about not having the state test to the government. ELA and Math state tests are a waste of time to student learning, and they are