Uniforms Are A Big Problem



          Should schools allow uniforms? According to publicschoolreview.com, "School in 21 and the District of Columbia have some sort of uniform requirements."  Another source School. family education.com says, "Clothes are source of expression. Students should not have to wear uniforms.  

          Uniforms are overwhelming expensive. School. family education.com, says "clothes is a source of expression for students." According to Publicschoolreview.com, "When students gets older they become resentful of uniforms".   Uniforms are too expensive for poor families.

          Students definitely need to express themselves in schools through own clothing.  Sfgate.com, states "uniforms violate student's rights to freedom of expression." Personally one time my school allowed all the students to wear regular clothes and   I wore my regular clothes. I felt confident of my work with my regular clothes and I got a good grade. 

          Some people may argue that students need uniforms because students get bullied because of their clothes. This argument is wrong because students need to express themselves. Most families can't pay for the uniforms.

          Schools must allow students to wear their own clothes.  Principals should change their minds because uniforms cost too much money. Students can persuade teachers and principals to take off dress codes by writing a letter. Poor families can't afford an expensive uniform that's why we need to wear regular clothes. The only solution is for students to have regular clothes.


I agree with your opinion,

I agree with your opinion, because uniforms are bad.

I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion because  most kids are talking about this so it has to be a problem.