more time for gym


     Do you remember a time when you were in a school, and there wasn't enough time to play games and have fun? Schools must to give students more time to exercise and play fun activities. Obesity will continue to rise because of the fact students don't get the time they need to exercise and have fun.

     Schools have to give students more time to exercise to prevent obesity. According to students did Physical Education before their math test and scored higher. states that when a child gets obese he or she starts to develop low self-esteem. According to obesity can cause depression and increased pressure. Schools need to take physical education more seriously because physical education will help fight obesity.

     Physical Education helps students focus on their work. Physical education is really fun and it helps me concentrate. Physical Education also helps me have fun. Physical Education can all so help students focus on things such as math according to Students need to get the chance to get fit to prevent obesity.

     Some people may argue instead of more time for gym there should be more time for math or English. A student could use that time to for studying or doing homework. this is and understandable concern however Physical Education helps students gain confidence, self-esteem and keeps focus.

     he only solution is to eliminate the problem of obesity and bullying is, schools must get the time they need for physical education. Students need to start a petition so students get the time they need to exercise. Principles must talk with the board of education about this. Students absolutely have to get more time for physical education.