Have you ever by too much noise in your living area or your hang out place?

According to, 100 million people live near areas where there is noise pollution,

and about half of those people suffer from hearing problems. Many people also loose

productivity because of the sleep disruption. My perspective is that there most definitely

should be a time limit to all ofthe noise, for example, "No loud music shall be played after

8:00. Those who break this rule shall be fined for public disruption."


People who live next to major areas of noise pollution suffer from a lot of

health problems than those who don't live next to them. states that people

get loss productivity because of the loss of sleep and resting. Your thoughts and actions

will help stop the noise polluters in your area. shows that people who live near

noise pollution get some health problems like high blood pressure, speech interference,

hearing loss, and many more problems. Many people get sick because they never get a

good rest from all of the noise that they are surrounded in.


            Noise pollution is  bad for people since the noise can decrease the quality of

a neighborhood. According to, Arthur Schopenhauer says " I have long held

the opinion that the amount of noise that anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse

proportion to his mental capacity and therefore by regarded as a pretty fair measure of it."

Noise can affect even you mentally since many people can't withstand it.

 Some people may argue that the hour that most people are sleeping, is the time

that they can do whatever they feel like doing (loud music, large parties, loud

entertainment, etc), but they're wrong. Some people may also say that they own their

apartment and they could do whatever they want with it, but they don't understand that

many complaints against that particular person could get him kicked out of "his property".

That may be an understandable concern, however many people can actually catch diseases

and bodily disorders because of that blatant noise. Many people around the world have the

right to complain about all of the loud noises that they are hearing because they may be

at risk for health conditions.


            If you would rather have peace and quiet than loud noises, join my club because

I have experienced noise pollution just like many people. To stop this nationwide issue,

you should protest around buildings and places that also produce large amounts of noise.

You can also write a letter and protest around the places that can control the area you are

currently in. Your thoughts and actions will help stop the noise polluters in your area.



I like how you began your

I like how you began your editorial