Cell Phones During School




          Have you ever been in a emergency or need help with classwork? School's need to teach student's responsibility because in the real world you have your phones during college and work. Students need to learn not to get distracted and learn how to take care of their property. According to msnbc.com "18% of students in the USA call for help during emergencies such as fire, Gas leeks, exc."

Students should be able to have their phones during class because of emergency situations. According to schoolsecurity.org "student's with phones have called in many bomb threats in school's." Msnbc.com say's that "18% of students in the USA call for help when forgotten inside of schools during emergencies such as fires, Gas leeks, and bomb threats." Students should have their phones in class in case of an emergency so they could call for help.

Middle school students should have phones during school to use as a resource during class. According to am.blogs.cnn.com "Its not really a phone its their computer for class". Phones also help kids learn at their own pace. According to teennick.com "during a survey 15% of students who use cell phones during class got their grades improved."

Some people may argue about students not having phones in class because it's a distraction and could get lost. This is understandable concern however students should have the right to have a phone during emergency .If there is no teacher around then who will call for help, nobody but the students. Students also should learn about responsibility and learn how to take care of their property because in the real work nobody will take away your phone during high school, and college so you need to learn how to use it. When in class phones should be put away until asked and if seen needs to be collected which help students learn to listen.

Have you ever been in a emergency or need help with class work during school. Students should start a petition to have cell phone in class. The parents could write to mayor bloomberg .The principle should send letters to the board of education to allow cell phones. We need phones in school because it helps us learn about responsibility.We students deserve trust from the adults of the school.