No More Competition!


          Can you imagine a small class where you could get feedback from your teacher anytime you wanted and weren't competing for your teacher's attention? According to, class sizes recently increased the largest in 11 years. Class sizes should be reduced for the importance and benefits of both students and teachers.


        Students who are in a smaller class with less scholars without a doubt will be more focused than students in a class of 30. According to students' achievement increase when there are less than 20 scholars in a class. Reducing class sizes increased importance as a federally supported school improvement strategy in 2000. Scholars who are in a class of 12 to 16 concentrate better than a bigger class.


     Teachers will have more focus on each student if the class sizes are reduced. From a teacher, Ms. Elverson she says, " I think smaller class sizes are good because teachers can teach better and I can give individual attention." Once I went to program Prep for Prep 9 one of the meeting leaders said," Students who are affected by smaller classes. Students share their thoughts better because they don't have to compete over 20 other scholars.  As a result when there is a smaller amount of students in a class the teacher can focus on learners more.


            Some people most definitely will argue with reducing class sizes because they know that smaller classes lead to more money.  If there are less students in a class, there would need to be more classrooms and possibly a bigger school.  That is an understandable concern, however, when there are less students, scholars are more concentrated and less distracted.  A teacher doesn't have to focus on thirty kids, and a scholar doesn't have to worry about competing for their teacher's attention.


In conclusion, smaller amounts of novice learners in a class will help both students and teachers focus better. Parents and students should start a petition to Chancellor Walcott for attention. Teachers and principals should also write a letter to the Board of Education. If we create small class sizes, kids will get a better education that they deserve!



I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion about smaller class sizes, especially as a teacher, because I've noticed that when I work with small groups of students I am really able to provide them with more feedback.

 I am so proud of the editorial you wrote.  This is one of the biggest issues in NYC schools today that is talked about all over - on the news, amongst teachers, and now amongst students!

Wow Jada, this editorial is

Wow Jada, this editorial is amazing! I can tell you did a lot of research on this topic. I really agree with your opinion because as a scholar in a class of 28 students, I have a hard time focusing and usually this effects my grades. I think a smaller class size is exactly what kids need!