Too Young for 12?



          In 1999 New York was at a high poverty line. A family of 4 would only have $22,000 to live. Imagine paying bills, buying food and paying for rent with that! This year the poverty line has degenerated by 7% since 1999. Inflation declined by 2.3%. The work age has to be lowered to the age of 12 or 13 to eliminate poverty.

            The work age has caused many finical problems to New York, and families. According to Nadir (the Minister of Labour) "when we moved our laws to ensure that children under the age of 15 can not be employed, we created a problem for ourselves". New York Times even says that parents are starting to bicker about money.  Without a doubt, the work age needs to be reduced to stop finical problems.

            Lowering the work age will teach young adults more authority. The New York Times says it will teach children how to spend money. Everyday I demand money from my parents, if I am able to work then I don't need to keep asking them. The New York Times also states that young adults are now able to see the how much the poverty line affects everything. Young adults don't have much say in things that go on in their house, working will give them that voice and that power that they need.

            Some people will altercate that descending the work age will amuse kids, take up too much money and overcrowd work areas. This argument is wrong because even though working might amuse kids, it is a good distraction. Working can make a child forget what happened throughout the day. Working is an acceptable way that young adults relief their anger. Also many work areas, for example a fast food place; is already clustered and busy with a lot of people. If young adults are able to work then all of the cluster and long endless lines with angry/hungry people will decrease.

            The only clarification to this poverty problem is to lower the work age to the age of 12 or 13. Everyone has a voice! It's time to use it! Instead of denouncing about the work age, maybe you should help lower it. We must find it our obligation to write letters to the governor, and request to be listened to! Make a change. You can help emancipate this poverty problem today!


I really enjoyed your essay

I really enjoyed your essay Daesia! I also agree with it, I if were me I would probably take a job if the age was lowered to 12. It doesn't only show us responsibility but it will be a great way to spend some of kid's extra time.