Students Making Important Choices


Did you know that kids everywhere are being forced to take elective classes they don`t want to take? “233 elective teachers got laid off last year in october alone”. Now many students can't even get to pick their elective classes and are now restricted. Children must be able to choose their elective classes so that they will be able to enjoy them.


Choosing elective classes is a way to give children and teach them responsibility. According to “233 elective teachers got laid off in October alone”. That is a LOT! ask if todays children even know what they are picking. This proves without a doubt that teachers must teach these students what to select.


Children Must be able to pick their electives to be genuinely interested in them. there once was a time when I got a random elective and i got a worse grade then my last one. So since then I really wanted to pick my own elective class. I got forensics and I did not want to take it so I got a bad grade. It is not that the class was bad (it was not) but I was unprepared for taking the class. Children will benefit from picking their electives because they will have fun and be motivated.


Some people will may argue that choosing elective classes is a bad thing for children because they will pick them with their friends. But they have no evidence to back it up. This is an understandable concern but what if they talk with their friends about the work. Also they are already with their friends all day anyway.


Scholars absolutely must have a choice in their elective classes. We cannot tolerate  this INJUSTICE prosper. We must stand up for ourselves! NOW! We must tell the teachers and principals and write them exceptional well written letters. Let us petition and we can prosper. The teachers tell us to be responsible, but this is a great way to do that.


I think many teachers would

I think many teachers would agree with your opinion about allowing scholars to choose their own classes - it's something everyone neds to learn how to do responsibly in high school and college.  Your argument would be even stronger if you mention this in your editorial.

Hey buddy, Your editorial

Hey buddy, Your editorial was cool. the topic was very good and i agree with everything. keep up the good work