More Sports For Schools


          According to a study in the NY times 1 out of every 3 kids are obese in the United States. That is the reason why we need more sports teams in our schools. Arne Duncan, the U.S Secretary of Education says that for our health we should be exercising and playing sports. JBA should offer more sports to scholars.

           Children are very obese in the United States , so more sports teams would prevent obesity. Students are being served fatty lunches and that's why we need more sports teams in our schools. According to Arne Duncan U.S Secretary of Department of Education says that he is a huge believer of sports and not a critic. According to 17% of adolecence 11 - 19 are obese. We need more sports in our schools to stop the growing problem of obesity.

          More sports in schools would help kids be more focused in schools. In personally experience when I was on the basketball team I did all my homework so I wouldn't get detention and miss a game. More sports teams in educational institutions would help students concentrate and get better grades.

           Some people may argue that more sports teams would cost too much money for schools. This is an understandable concern however, research shows that kids in sports teams pay more attention in schools. But I would tell them what's more important money or the health of the kids.

           There should more sports teams in schools because it prevents obesity. For the kids who are reading this should start a petition and show it to the principals. People around the world should stop this crisis! So whoever is with me should tell anybody who would listen to add more sports teams in the schools!