Too Much Homework


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by homework? If you have then you must have no time to just relax, and have fun. I myself as a seventh grade student have so much homework, that I never have time to spend time with family, and friends. Student without a doubt should spend their time, after school relaxing instead of doing homework.

Not having to do homework every day gives children a chance to relieve stress. Having the freedom of not having homework gives a break from all the learning in the eight hour school day.

Being able to not have homework gives student the opportunity to have a social life. Not having homework lets children have an opportunity to have a social life.

Those who believe that homework must be given says that, "This teaches children to work independently, rely on his/her own skills, and organization". That is an understandable concern, but some parents feel that kids have no time to be kids anymore, learning has become a chore rather than a positive constructive experience. According to the American reasearch association realeased a statement saying "Whenever homework crowds out social activities, and whenever ursurps time that should be devoted to sleep, it is not meeting the basic of children and adolescent".

Students must not be given homework to do. I want to change minds, and show that students deserve freedom instead of doing work all day long. Every children needs some fun in their life, and to do this students, and parents must write letters, start a protest, write petitions to the Board Of Education. I absolutely feel that there are so much of homework that it should not be given.


Nice Editorial. I agree 100%

Nice Editorial. I agree 100%

Without a doubt I agree with

Without a doubt I agree with your editorial having homework is too stressful and it is hard to do,espescially if you are like me