Are You Tired Of Being Tired?






           Have you ever fallen asleep in class and got in trouble? According to Eyewitness News so do half the students throughout America! Doctor Kolsak from Montefiore Medical Center suggest that schools should start later so students are refreshed and ready to learn. As a student I agree with him.

          Without sleep scholars have trouble paying attention in class because they will be too tired. Personally when I wake up so early in the morning at about 6am I'm exhausted. Being so distracts me from my work. On average if a scholar gets distracted it takes about 10-15 minutes to refocus. With the extra sleep we could be getting our grades could be higher.

          Fewer scholars would be late to school if it started later, so it would improve attendance. Being late to school is a constant worry to scholars but if we start later we will have more time. For example with our regular school starting time we usually have to wake up depending on how far our homes are from our schools which is about from 6-7am. Since we have to wake up so early we are not refreshed and are exahausted. Now if instead we have school around 9am then scholars would wake up at around 7-8am which is better than 6am.By this dramatic change we would have so much more energy which helps us get to school on time. This could mean better high schools and a better education without the constant lateness.

          The only solution is that all schools should start later than eight o'clock because it keeps students refreshed and ready to learn. In order to change this student should start petitions in their schools. This little change could change a child's life forever.