Let Keep Ours Cell Phones

             According to this article a principal who allows cell phones said "the reality is they're such as fun damentail in which we exist that not having them is so awkward it doesn’t make sense. So we try to make a rule that's easy for us to under stand but absolutely impossible for us to enfold." students could use their phones for an emergency. Students should be able to their cell phones in class.
                 Having our cell phones in school could increase our learning. According to www.schoolsecurity.org cells phones use could increase our reading levels. Also their is a other article at www.edudemic.com states that if we take away the cell phone ban students will improve their grades .If schools have their cell phones in class it would benefit them academically.
         If we have our cell phones we can call our parents in case of emergency or if we forgot something at home. Principe Johnson states that cell phones are used our every day life and therefore it dose not make a rule that cannot be enforce. Study by www.schoolsecurity.org personally, last year I forgot my science project at home and I got points taken off .If I had my cell phones I could of have called my mom or dad to bring it .We live in a dangerous world, where there is vileness .We need access to phones in case of real emergency.
        Some people may argue with having our phones in school saying it could cause distractions because students might just play around or cheat on the state test. I understand this augmented suggest that cell phones should be taken away during state test and school test and given right away back to them. Students must be allowed to have their cell phones at all time. The only solution is that students protest in fort of our principal so we could keep our cell phones at all time. Research has shown that we could be helped in school instead of wasting paper. Don’t you think students should be trusted?