Detention doesn't matter


Near me social studies classroom, a teacher caught me with my shirt untucked. He told me to tuck it in, and that I had detention. I was furious! Only because my shirt is untucked! Should students get detention for minor things?

            Some people may argue that detention teaches discipline. There’re wrong, detention is a waste no time for students! In my school you can get detention for something as ridiculous as, having your shirt untucked. Those who believe detention teaches discipline say that homework, and dress code violations are enough for a detention. They are wrong. Detention for such things only make students rebel, and talk back. Detention should only be used for major purposes.

            Detention is a waste of time for students. Even teachers agree that detention is a bad punishment. But some people have to be mean and hateful and give detention for minor things. According to’s detention policy states that detention can only be used for unacceptable behavior. A study by shows dress code is not something to punish, and a million of others agree.

            Detention doesn’t actually give students a meaningful lesson to learn. Giving detention to students is a slap to the face. It’s like saying “I don’t care about your private time so have detention afterschool.” In Yahoo questions, a middle school student asking how may detentions have they’ve had and why. A high school student reported he’s had a lot, but only because of a hateful teacher! Another high school student said she got detention for speaking against bullies! She knew her friend was being bullied, so she spoke up against bullies, and got detention, what a wonderful surprise! Detention only makes students rebel against the teacher more, and more, and doesn’t teach a good lesson.

            Students should only get detention for major things. When the adults are making decisions for education, they only think about statistics, but what about opinions? Write a letter to the principle of your school, and tell him/her to tell teachers to stop doing detention for things like dress code, or homework! Students must not get detention for minor things!