Should construction give earplugs?


Did you know that states that 30 million people are exposed to loud noise a year by construction? Worker have become deaf due to loud construction since some don’t use earplugs and specific noise are needed to be heard. Construction sites should give earplugs to people who live near or commute there.

Do you want to sleep soundly at night? Construction can make people deaf from how loud it is or just surly irritate a person. Audiologist Robert Beriny says “4,400 people 85 percent are exposed to loud noise”. According to Dnainfo, “there is subway construction that nearby home residents can’t sleep because of until 2Am”. Dnainfo “also stated that most construction on a road will take an average of months to finish and residents can not sleep until very late”. Construction can make people very irritated and damage the hearing.

Without a doubt construction can be dangerous and hurt bystanders. The website states that workers have become deaf from working in construction. are says that workers don't wear earplugs since they need to hear certain sounds.Construction is very loud and is very dangerous to innocent people.
Some people may argue that if construction time is shorter a lot of construction will be set back significantly    . This is understandable concern however construction time shorter will not disturb people at night. Also if construction is shorter the workers won’t be exposed to loud noise long.
construction site should give earplugs to people who live near there or that commute there. We can start a petition that can make construction happen in better times when it’s time to work. Remember  construction disturbs people in the night and can not sleep. I hate that on a walk home we can become deaf or damage our ears. the next time you can not sleep from construction remember you can stop it.


I agree with your editorial

I agree with your editorial because sometimes around my area where I live its noisy in the morning because of construction.

I agree whenever theres a

I agree whenever theres a counstruction sight I usally can never go to sleep because of the noise.