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Did you know that over 51 billion pieces of litter land on U.S. roadways each year? According to The New York City government,in 2005,“The Department of Sanitation assigned approximately 5,150 trucks each week to collect 54,200 pieces of garbage.”  The NYC Sanitation Department should pick up the garbage more than twice a week because there will be less problem.

 Do you throw your garbage everyday? The NYC sanitation  should cleaned the cans so there will be less pollution in the city streets and people can throw their garbage away. According to New York  observer “New York City 8 million resident and million of businesses construction project and visitors generate as much as 36,200 tons of garbage every day.” If this is how much trash in Manhattan imagine in the Bronx has many trash cans that are not collected to be clean out and this makes a big problem. Garbage cans should be clean out.

Garbage sanitation should be picked up more than twice a week so the problem of rats and bugs will finish. In 2009 in my community there was a problem that in the garbage can was full of bugs and of rats looking for food. According to Levi Davis from New York “Rats thrive on garbage in New York”.According to the Department of Sanitation “rats collect 12,000 garbage each day.”NYC Sanitation should pick up the trash can and the rats and bug problem could decrease.

     Some people may argue that littering is not their problem instead it’s the cities problem because we pay taxes for the NYC Sanitation to do. This argument is wrong because we still have to help and keep our environment clean of  pollution as the citizens of NYC.

The  NYC Sanitation Department should pick up the garbage more than twice a week. This will eliminate the problems of rats and bugs in our neighborhoods.  This will also decrease how the neighborhoods look like. The garbage can will be more clean and it will be a safe environment.


Your editorial made me want

Your editorial made me want to start a petition! Good work!

Thanks a lot for your

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Your welcome.

Your welcome.