Win,Win Situation


In 1996 President Clinton said “If it means teenagers would stop killing each other over designer jackets then our public schools should be able to require school uniform.” Schools think it lowers grades, but “Fiorelle Laguardia” has an A as a school average and they don’t wear uniforms. Students must be able to wear their own clothing’s AT LEAST one day a week so that both schools and scholars get what they want.


            Uniforms don’t affect students’ learning. states that “Students’ clothes change but it’s what they learn that affects their grades.” I go to school at Jonas Bronck Academy we have to wear uniforms, but what we get taught has no affection on what we learn. Schools teach students’, NOT the clothes we wear.


Uniforms by themselves cannot solve all problems that schools are facing. According to, “There is no reasonable justification for denying a child who is ready and eager to increase their education because of the color or shade of a shirt.” They state that, “Cliques will still form, and they would still bully in schools.” Uniforms don’t solve everything. They are just something a scholar wears to represent the school, that they go to.


Schools should stop uniforms. The only solution is at least one day a week. The first amendment says you have the right to express yourself, and that’s what students do when they wear their own clothes. If schools do this both students and scholars get what they want. It’s a win, win situation. Wouldn’t you like to express yourself? Well then make a change represent what you believe in.  


I agree with your opinion

I agree with your opinion because I also don't want to wear your uniform. It is true we do have to wear uniforms, but the only way we can express ourselves and show our personalities is by wearing cloths!!!!

Thanks :]

Thanks :]

I agree with you because i

I agree with you because i would like to wear my own clothes and express myself. I think we should write a petition and do a protest.