Should genders be in Gym?


Should boys and girls be separated during gym?  According to Leonard Sax, founder of the National Association, “Whenever boys and girls are together, their behavior reflects larger society.”  Both boys and girls should not be separated by gender during gym.

            Genders need to know one another’s athleticism.  According to Leonard Sax, founder of the National Association for single-sex Public Education, “whenever girls and boys are together, their behavior inevitably reflects the larger society in which they live.”  Co-ed students often demonstrate comfort in social situations, and 72% of students say they easily make friends of the opposite sex.  Having Co-ed gym is necessary because students need an opportunity to know and understand the other gender or each other.

            People are not separated by gender in real life. According to the benefits of the co-educational environment 2006, 9 percent of parents said they felt co-ed schools reflected diversity of society and 62 percent of students at coed schools felt they are able to participate in many activities with both same sex or opposite sex partners. Both genders, girls and boys, are not always separated in real life, so people need to get to know each other and learn how to communicate.

            Some people may agree that co-ed gym classes might make boys and girls feel awkward.  It is kind of difficult for boys and girls to communicate with one another as well as playing certain sports like dodge ball. (?) Boys can be aggressive sometimes.




That is an understandable concern, however boys and girls need to learn how to communicate with each other, and boys need to learn how to be less aggressive. Therefore Co-ed gym classes might be beneficial to both boys and girls.

            Does Co-ed gym classes keep boys and girls from getting to know one another athletically? Boys and girls need to recognize one another’s athleticism because it will most likely help them from playing too rough with boys and girls. ­­­­­



I like your editorail and

I like your editorail and how you end it. 

i rely enjoyed your editorial

i rely enjoyed your editorial

I agree with your editorial

I agree with your editorial :)