Have you ever experienced a adult cursing at a child? Cursing at a child is considerd child abuse because its not positive,and according to NY Times, in 2009 24,605 kids were in foster homes from child abuse.Adults should not curse at kids because thats a path to a negitive futare and abuse. 

                                                                                                                                            Adults absolutely should not curse around kids because that's a path to a negative future. Because cursing at a child is a form of child abuse since its not positive.In conclusion aduts should use positive reinforcement in stead of negative reinforcement.


Adults absolutely should not curs at a child because it will get you to to places you want to be.Because it will become a habit and it will get you into trouble.You can your child taken away from you or you could go to jail. Also cursing at a child with out a dout could ring you in a bad stand in life.   

                                                                                                                                            Those who believe in cursing in cursing at thier kids say that when they curse at there kid is because the kid did something bad there just not listening and there just trying to disiplent that is a understandable concern,however there is many other ways to disiplent your child then cursing see cursing your fighting and disiplenting the child you wanna frightin your child you wanna disiplent it in a positive way so the child can grow around up around positive energy and good behavior.

                                                                                                                                Adults absolutely not curse at children because in conclusion positive reinforcement insted of negitive reinforcement and kids should right letter to the mayor to make cursing at children Illegal.  



I strongly agree with your

I strongly agree with your opinion about making it illegal to curse around children - adults have to be good role models to our children!

I strongly agree with you

I strongly agree with you because cursing at a child is a child abuse and it can make the childrens go to a negative path where there cursing and killing and etc...... And I believe that what you are saying I do agree with you with what you saying and I think that children shouldn't be curse at and those who abuse childs should go to jail for that.