Poor Little Fish

Heaven Ferrer

Poor Little Fish by Heaven Ferrer

Once upon a time, in a wetland, there was a duck and a fish. The duck was being mean to the poor little fish.

“You’re so tiny” said the duck being arrogant.

“So? I like my size!” said the fish so kindly. The duck was making fun of the fish’s size. The fish was sad. She swam away.

The afternoon came and so did fish. The duck was being sneaky. And he scared the little fish.

“Stop it!” said the fish being mad.

“You’re so clueless, helpless, and hopeless” said the duck teasing the fish.

“I’m going to tell your mom if you don’t stop it!” said the fish, who was angry. But duck was still saying mean things about the fish. The fish swam away in silence. An hour later mama duck came to see little duck.

“Why are you being so mean to this poor little fish?” said the mama duck. Little duck lied and said he never seen that fish in his life.

“Don’t lie to me baby duck” said mama duck. “Now apologize baby duck.” The fish was waiting. Little duck said the two words fish wanted to hear.

“I’m sorry” said the duck.

“I forgive you” said the fish. Everyone went home. I don’t know if duck had a goodnight but fish had a peaceful night.                        

Moral: Be careful what you say to others because you might end up in trouble!

          The End