The Tiger, Monkey, and Snake

Ismael Gerena

The Tiger, Monkey, and Snake by Ismael Gerena

Once upon a time a Tiger, Monkey, and Snake lived together in the Forest. They lived in a house there. The Tiger and Monkey worked very, very hard around the Forest every day. But the Snake was lazy and naughty because he was always saying “Tiger and Monkey, I want water and food and don’t forget to pay the electric bill.” Every day the same thing.           

One day Monkey slipped on a banana and almost fell off a cliff. Snake saw him but Snake was too lazy, too naughty, and too hungry to save Monkey.  Snake saw Tiger coming home so he said “Can you go get food Tiger because I ate all of it again?” But Tiger saw Monkey’s hand slipping so he went to save him! So he went to the cliff and said “grab my tail!” Monkey grabbed the tail and Tiger brought him up and saved his life!

          And when they got home Monkey said “No more. Me and Tiger are going to live with Squirrel until you come to your senses and help us do our work around the house!” “Right Tiger” Monkey said. The Tiger didn’t know what to do. But he remembered all the hard work Monkey and him worked around the house while Snake just sat down on his chair watching his favorite TV show on the TV like a lazy Snake.

          So he knew the right friend was Monkey. So he said “Yes.” So Monkey and Tiger left to Squirrel’s house so they could live with him. Snake thought all he needed to do was pay the bills but that was not all he needed to get a job and clean the house all by himself! So about 2 weeks later Snake came to Squirrel’s house begging Tiger and Monkey to come back to the house. And they said only if he helps them around the house every day and don’t eat all the food all the time.

          He said “Yes”. So every day for now on Snake helped Tiger and Monkey do there chores every day. And they lived happily ever after.

The End

Moral: Be a good friend so good things will happen to you but don’t be a bad friend or bad things will happen example: you might lose all your friends