The Bears and the Foxes

Joshua Collado

The Bears and the Foxes by Joshua Collado 


There once was a bear. He was always grumpy and lazy. One day came a little fox. She hated bears. One day, the fox ran into the bear. He was having dinner in his cave. His whole family was hungry and went out to search for food, so the fox ran away because she did not want to be eaten. She ran into the    bear’s mother. She was licking her lips for little fox.


So the fox told her dad “Dad!!!!! Bears are coming!”


“So we’ll have to fight them,” he said.


“No dad, we’ll get torn apart.”


So then they went to fight. As soon as Father Fox saw the bears he gave up and didn’t fight. He was too scared to fight because they were too big for him. So then he went back to the house. He stayed there. One minute later someone knocked on the door.


It was the big brown bear. The bear was bringing him a piece of chocolate cake. The fox didn’t know that. The fox pushed the bear thinking that the bear was going to eat him.  The bear roared with anger. So the Father Fox grabbed the bear and threw him into the snow. The bear got up and flung the fox across the sky. And he fell on a half broken tree. So after that he broke half the tree. A little bit later he leaped down the stairs and ran away really mad.   


Moral: Listen and wait before you do something foolish.