The Bunny Who Tries

Karizma Gutierrez

The Bunny Who Tries by Karizma Gutierrez

One nice day in this deep bright hole there was a baby bunny. He was very nice and very quiet. The baby bunny was being watched by his sister. His mom was on a vacation, and his father was on a business trip. So it was the sister’s responsibility to watch baby bunny. The baby bunny was watching a show called “Where is the Carrot?”

 That show made the baby bunny giggle. Then it was time to feed baby bunny. So baby bunny went to his sister.

He asked “can I have a carrot for dinner?”

His sister said “okay but you have to get it yourself.”

The baby bunny went to the kitchen. The baby bunny did not see the carrots. Baby bunny looked 10 times for his carrots. And still he did not find the carrots. The baby bunny was getting hungry and hungry by the minute!

Then the baby bunny found the carrots. It was on top of the shelf. Baby bunny said to himself those carrots looks good and tasty. The bunny tried to reach it but he can’t reach it. He wanted to ask his sister but he didn’t want to bother her. He tried, tried, tried, and tried.             

He tried 20 times. Baby bunny sat down. Then the baby bunny had a good and clever idea.

He said “I am a bunny, right? And bunny’s jump, right?”

Then the bunny jumped 2 times and still didn’t get it. He jumped the third time. Jump, jump, jump and he got the carrots!

Baby bunny took the biggest carrot he could find. He ate it. It was yummy!

Baby bunny said “that was the best and tastiest carrot I ever ate!”

 Then his sister said “what’s that noise?” 

He said “I got the carrot!”

She said “I am so proud of you baby bunny!”

Baby bunny said “I am tired from doing all this work.”

She said “okay.”

She laid him in the crib. Baby bunny fell fast to sleep.        

The End

The moral of this fable is…

Don’t give up and try try again.