The Cheetah Can't Tide His Shoes

Anthony Isidoro

The Cheetah Can’t Tide His Shoes by Anthony Isidoro

One day a Cheetah had his running shoes on. But he didn’t know how to tie his shoes. He doesn’t want to learn from his mom. He said “Mom can you tie my shoes?” “Yes I can tie your shoes only once,” said his mom. “Thank you mom,” said the Cheetah. “Next time I will tie my own shoes mom. And I will run really fast outside to catch some gazelles to eat for dinner. One day he trip over his shoes and then he cry and then he try to try his shoes so he lend from his mom and he lessened to her. And his teacher and his friends and his female and all of them.                And then he went outside to run in the fides and trends outside and get something to eat.

The next day of school his teacher said “tie your shoes please” and he said “no I don’t want to tie my shoes.”And then something bad happens to him so he stays in the classroom for lunch and then he lessens to his teacher how to tide his shoes. And then he learned how to tie his shoes from a kid. He saw him tying his shoes so he copied from him and he went outside to catch some gazelle to eat. So he trains to run in the field everyday and he lives’ in Africa with his family there is his mom there. So they lived happily ever after.