What Makes a Good Teacher


     Do you know what a good teacher is? A good teacher has a different way of teaching a lesson. I had an experience.          

     Many teachers teach the same, but good teachers don’t. A good teacher is when they got their unique way of teaching. Like a teacher I had in the 5th grade. She  was really serious about learning. She pushes me (helps me) so I can be smart and, it worked. A good teacher has an unusual way to help you. When teachers teach in a different way it is better because the teacher has wisdom.         

     I had an experience with my teachers in the 5th grade; my math teacher and ELA teachers. We have clever ways of doing our work. One thing that my English teacher does is that she is courageous about reading. We don’t read and we discuss about our reading like when we read a book out loud; after every chapter we talk about it then we continue. With my math teacher, he has some math games that help us with things we don’t understand, then we become masters at it and we become smart at it.        

     A marvelous teacher has an unfamiliar way to teach a lesson. I had a background. I believe a good teacher is a teacher or teachers that are noteworthy. My connections are my two 5th grade teachers; they are the most talented teachers I ever met.

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