Almost A Heart Attack

Joseph Figueroa
                       I was going up the stairs confidence that i was going to ride this ride!But when I heard people screaming  and crying.I felt a different way about this ride.     I saw people leaving the ride because it is a deep fall.I was thinking to myself “should i get of this line to”.I was scared that i might fall of the ride or have a heart attack and I don't get of the ride because i don't want other people to know i was scared. I thought to myself we're almost there i'm going to die I said!        The lifeguard call “NEXT”! I said”I don't want to go on this ride.He said” it will be find”.I smelled hot dog so my stomach started to heart. I was scared I might catch a heart attack , i was shaking, trying to tell myself to stay calm everything going to be ok. He let us go and i screamed for the top of my longest saying”i want to get of this ride. when it stop i thought it was not that bad.     In conclusion i learned try every its not going to give you a heart attack.