A Trip To The Airport

Mohamed Kaba



It all started when my brother called my house like at six o'clock in the morning saying he got his Visa. We were joyful about him retrieving his Visa.When he got all his stuff together my parents kept paying money until they reached the amount of money that was due. My brother called again and said “I would be there within two weeks”. My mom prepared an abundance amount of food because she wasn't going to be home.

When we arrived at the airport there were a lot of people waiting for family and friends.I saw many people hugging each other.We waited for a really long time and it wasn't fun. Mostly everyone from my house was ready to see my brother but we kept on looking but we didn't see him. Some of my sisters and cousin proceeded home. Only me, my 2nd oldest sister, my dad and his friend didn’t leave, the airport reached it’s closing time and we had to leave.

The next morning me, my dad and 3rd oldest sister proceeded to the airport I finally saw my brother. Me, my dad, sister and brother were full of joy. At this moment it felt admirable to see my brother for the first time ever in 11 years. We took his items and proceeded home. Looking back now I learned that meeting someone for the first you are surprised or excited to see that person.