Chaos in the Science Lab

Kaori Moye

In the fourth grade, I am getting ready to take notes from a textbook in the science lab. There is complete silence and I see my teacher, Ms. T sniffing like she is ill as always. Five minutes later I hear a dispute between two boys but I am still focused on my textbook. Yoselin, Destyny, Shanaya, and I are wondering what is the huge racket between those boys. In my head, I was thinking whether or not I should turn around and  all of a sudden I hear a bang.

The whole class turned around to see Kenyi and John fight. John tries to grab the broom to knock Kenyi out but Kenyi snatches it and starts banging it on John’s head. You can hear the punch sounds, shouting, and sobbing. This is what I call chaos in the science lab. In the science lab there was a bad mixture of smells. It smelled like dead fish from the tank, dirty hamsters, and sweaty boys fighting. I looked back at Ms. T and I see her crying. After that I imagined how much trouble we are going to be in after all that chaos!

Class 403 did get in trouble although it was not all of us hyping them up to fight. The assistant principal gave us a long speech of our actions. We had to write down an essay of what we saw and how it started. Instead of having recess, we had detention for two months.

The lesson I learned was that some situations can be handled differently if you use your actions wisely. Instead of arguing in the science lab, argue at the end of the school day or do not argue at all. I do not know what the argument was about but it was not necess