A Trip To Coney Island

Litzy Zapata

            I was sitting on a roller coaster cart at coney Island, holding my mom’s hand.  I can smell all kinds of food; like funnel cake, pizza, pretzels, and hot dogs.  I can feel a slight of wind on my skin it was getting late.  I loved the feeling of the wind, especially since it was a burning hot day in the mid summer.

            Hearing the sounds of the roller coaster starting, I got nervous, as I felt myself moving up the roller coaster hill.  I looked down halfway while getting to the top and I knew it was a bad idea to look down.  I got even more nervous as I saw how high up we were.  The ride to getting up to the top seemed like forever.  As the roller coaster started facing down I shut my eyes and in a split second I could feel the rush.  I was scared but excited at the same time.  I had the courage to let go and open my eyes.  Soon the ride was coming to an end.

            Getting off the roller coaster, I felt so thrilled.  I had reacted better than what I expected.  I thought that I was going to be freaking out through the whole ride.  Everything had went so fast.  It was only the hill that had took the longest.  the rest went by in just seconds.