death of a loved one

Deshantay Davis
                                               it was a summer night,  my mom and i just has came from a wonderful day out to eat. we had so much fun. on our way to my grandmas house we see a lot of ambulance and police cars going down the block from my grandmas house so we rush into my  grandmas building. In front of us is a spacious court yard. My mom says hello to all her friends. Instead of them saying hello back they frantically say “Tayshawn’s dead”. My mom doesn't believe them she sadly repeats stop lying. me on the other hand feels like i'm dying inside.


        My mom is the type of person that takes things the hard way. As i watch tears drip down my moms face i wonder if its true. I try to hold in my tears so i won't make my mom cry even harder. A family friend tries to calm her down but my mom keeps on saying i want to see him.They take her and there my cousin lays bloody with a smirk on his face. The story my mom tells me is that he saw his mother in heaven.


           My mother knows she can't take death real well nobody can she freaks out. i ran up stairs still trying not to cry because my grandma has no idea what's going on and i didn't want to be the one that tells her. that day was horrible it felt like a bad dream that i can’t wake up out of.Just know my cousin died a painful death that wasn't even meant for him.


     The death was hard to overcome especially since we had to plan the funeral. we also had to tell everyone what happened, when we really didn't know ourselves. my mom only knew a little what happened that day from police and friends of my cousin. Later hearing what happen i felt worse. my last words wasn't even a goodbye. i remember when he was outside he will always say “hey big head” and i will always say “shut up and pull up your pants.” and those was my last words.