First time in a beach

Tania Noyola
     The day started like this it was a hot sunny day. We were sweating tears. We were in the kitchen  eating breakfast. Then went to the living and watch tv. Then my grandma came in and told us “lets go to the beach.” We responded “ok.” We started to pack up. We all put on are bathing suit and headed out. We started to walk to the beach.
      When  we got to the  beach, we found a place to stay at. As we were setting up my younger cousin and sister were playing with the sand. Then we all took of our cloth  and sat down and ate. After we rest we got ready to go in the ocean. I was thrilled but edgy because  I thought i was going to drawn. I also thought something would happen like a shark attack. I finally got in and it felt like i was  alone in a paradise.
       As the day was ending we got ready to leave. I was sad because i had tons of new experience. That day is the best day ever for me. I got to swim for the first time. When we got home I asked my mom “when are we going back to the beach.” she “respond soon.”