My First Niece

Ananda Dennis


I always go to North Carolina and Atlanta Georgia every summer to see my niece, brother and sister-in-law. Once I got to North Carolina i went looking for my niece and she was sleep. I had to wait till she woke up which was two hours later. When she woke up we went out for breakfast in Ruby Tuesdays. I decided to take care of her, by putting clothes on her and feeding hr and pick what she should eat for breakfast. When we was done i had to take her to the bathroom, wash her hands and face and make sure she used the bathroom.
The only time i got to have my niece to my self was at night time because she had to sleep with me. i got to play with her before i put her to sleep. in the daytime my mom really always had her to her self or my step dad has her. Most of the time when we go out to see them in the summer i am responsible for her because i always have to feed her and give her a bath. When Mariah gets in trouble i always baby her and try to make her stop crying but my step dad always say put her down and stop babying her. When she cries, she always come running to me and i feel like a wonderful aunt when she does that because it shows that i show i love her alot and she knows that i do. When my step dad hollers at her i feel horrible because he is always making her cry when he does that.
Most of the time when she cries no one can hear her or they do not pay attention to her but i do. They can not hear her most of the time because its either, my stepdad is on the phone talking really loud with his deep voice or the tv volume is very loud. Sometimes it is my cousin and my step brother and my brother always fighting and screaming. I do not really like how they tell me to ignore her because i love kids and i love babysitting, so if i hear a baby crying i will baby them and pick them up and try to play with them so they can stop.
Looking back now, i know that babying a baby is not always the right choice because they will get use to it and think you will always carry them and play with them when they cry or get in trouble. No babies should get use to that because they can be seven years old and still wanting you to pick them up. They just have to learn a lesson when to do something wrong and get in trouble.