Welcome Back to JBA

Aeri Hwang

  “yawn, why do you have to wake me up so early?” my mom replied deeply,” Come on your brother has to go to school also you know.” Is only my second day in JBA as i said to myself. I got up from bed walking in my bare cold feets. Too bad summer over now. i looked at the kitchen table, i didn't even bother eating it. i head to the bathroom grabbed my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. I looked at the ground, my mom handed me my school uniform,headed from my room and got dressed. It was still early only 7:00 am in a normal september morning. sky still bright. “where my phone?’ i asked curiously. i knew my mom was busy so i didn't bother  repeating it again.


                  I got the chills in my whole body running through me from my cold bare feets to my head. “can't wait to see my friends again!” “hmmm..., I thought to myself what class am i going to be in? will i be in the same class as my friends?”  I shook my head. I just made sure i had everything. my metrocard,homework, book bag of course , and i finally found my phone, school supplies ….I knew I was missing something. the thing was that i was feeling a little nervous like I am having a break down or something. i look at my stomach, is like that feeling when you have a test and didnt studied at all about it and is worth like half of your grade. “Yeah that feeling.” I thought to myself, why am i so nervous? Is just the second year on JBA. I’m sure i am just excited to see my friends again. I shook my head and smiled as if i had nothing to worry about which i really don't. Just me thinking ahead.


               I head for the doors. The chills came back. I wonder what shoe should I wear. I look deeply into my shoes. I headed for my stunning new shoes i bought the other day. Those look flawless. I tried them on and was ready to go. so i waved i left my apartment. so many people walking by me. 7:20 perfect time to get ready and go to school. I gratefully smiled as I saw my friends from last year in 6th grade.they were all positive for the first day of school and so was I. “hey guys!”