My godfather's wedding

Yatzari Rodriguez


             I’m at my grandma’s house in Mexico. But, it’s not our usual summer vacation visit because today is my godfather’s wedding! As soon as I opened my eyes I went downstairs to eat breakfast while watching some tv. After I finished my breakfast I went to brush my teeth and took a shower. My mother had already showered so she and my aunt were going to help me get ready since I’m one of the bride’s maid’s. Since my hair was still wet we had to wait awhile,when it was dry I put on my dress and my mother was fixing it while my aunt was starting to do my hair. In my head I wondered after godfather gets married is he going to have kids and how many, would it only be girls,only boys or boys and girls? I couldn’t help wondering that inside of my head.


Outside of my thoughts I could feel my mother tugging on my dress to straighten it and my aunt used hairspray all over my hair so it wouldn’t get messed up.The hairspray is almost half empty and I am about to faint from the smell of all the hairspray in my hair and in the room. While they are tying up any loose ends I can see the car outside is ready to leave and my dad starts to tell us to hurry up or we’ll be late. I hadn’t seen my godfather since he had invited us to the wedding. When we were arriving in the car I could see everyone outside of the church waiting for the bride to come. When she was here everyone ran inside, everyone but me since I was still little I got to hold the end of the bride’s dress.

The wedding was really beautiful and the decorations were lovely. There were flowers allover the church and all of our friends and families were there. Then when the wedding was over we had a small party to celebrate and we had so much food that it was more like an all you can eat buffet and I was so full I felt like if I would have another bite I would pop. After my tummy had settled down I went to play with my little brother and some other little kids that were at the party. After the years passed my godfather has had two children they’re both very beautiful girls and I haven’t seen them in a while I bet they've grown so much.