PROM was one of the memorable days.I walked up the stairs in my school.I walked in the classroom.Then my comrades ran to me and said ‘KLEVI RODRIGUEZ’.My comrade was talking about my cloths and they said ‘Thats the dominican version’.Then the class walked in the lunchroom.Finally the party started.          When prom started I met up with my comrades ANTHONY TELLEZ and  JAMIER DAWSON.We spoked about what middle school were going to and more topics.Prom was fun.I smelled different kinds of chips in the breeze.Then I saw boys being boys and kids dancing kids.Also I saw a variety of soda.Then we joined the boys and danced.Also we had fun.Finally it got silent.          Then when prom ended my dad pick me up and said goodbye.Then to my teachers one of them got me a bolln.Finally i said my goodbyes to my comrades