A Day Full Of Sorrow

Shadae Dean

It was one summer and a sunny day at 5:00pm i had to get dressed because my big brother tybarn wanted to take me to the park.I was in a rush to see my friend.My brother friends stood outside as me and tybarn got dressed “hurry up shadae!” tybarn shouted “you always taking long”. “OMG TYBARN YOU JUST WANT TO SEE YOUR LITTLE GIRLFRIEND” i said in a sassy voice.We finally arrived downstairs as tybarn gave his friend a pound and gave his little girlfriend a hug that lasted 10 minutes.I had said to myself i cant belive im living with him,we walked to nelson park which was on woodycrest W 165th we had saw my friend Emiyah but we call her NuNu i was very surprised to see her because i didn't see her for 5 months.

“Hellur” Nunu yelled “you don't see me here!” i ran to give her a big hug then she started talking about her new school we started talking about why i didn't see her for along time she said she was at her grandma house in p.a she told me how much fun she had and her grandma brand new big house.

Then  we both looked at the monkey bars and remembered how much cool things we did on it back then i went on top of the monkey i heard my sister loud mouth. I moved a bit on the monkey as soon as i can think about it i fell and broke my wrist i screamed and also peed on myself my brother rush to help me and kissed me on my cheek Omg first i hated my brother really really hated him. I thought to myself that was the first time he actually cared,also the first time i even i liked him. However,someone called the Ambulance they came 30 minutes later i wanted to sue them !.

I learned never ever to get on the monkey bars again for i brake another thing.