Too Much Noise

Mhisani Williams
Too Much Noise All I can hear is a voice. Not disturbing, but it seems endless. My head feels weighted down and my eyes cannot stay open. Tired, that is exactly how I feel. All the pressure and homework is making me want to just give up everything. I am at the nearest elementary school waiting for the bell to ring.Teachers say we are supposed to be in class learning but I feel like I am listening to a long speech at church. I see all the students, most half sleep and some wide-awake acting as if they care. The books on the shelf look like they wish someone would pick them up and read them. It is the middle of the day; 3:00pm needs to come rapidly.In front of me I see the board where the teacher writes her notes that no one copies into their notebooks. I also see the door that wants me to walk through and the elevator wanting me to take it down to the 1st floor. Looking back now, everything the teacher was talking about was kind of true. I was in 3rd grade when my teacher Ms. Huggo was talking about how challenging middle school was going to be. Teachers back then did talk a lot during class time, but now that I am older teachers tend to show displays pictures, and videos.