A Scary Moment

Carlos Morales
I was waiting on line to get into Sesame Place and the sun was burning my skin like bacon. I was sweating so much and the line felt like I was waiting for hours to get in. Eventually we got to the front, they had to scan our tickets and we went inside Sesame Place. My mom and my aunt commanded me and my cousins to put on sunblock and we felt like little kids. then we got to get in the line for the rollercoster.

When we got on line it was kind of long so me and my cousins started to talk. but then we stopped and we were right where the sun was striking the most.we were all sweating and we did not even have water so we were also thrusty. After that we were finally at the front of the line , we were all scared. Then the cart came down and the gates opened. Every single stride I took felt like I was in a  nightmare that would not stop getting worse. Then we finally got into the cart and we were all terrified, then the handel went down and we started to submerge. It started to go up and we were almost terrified enough that we could throw up. Then we got to the top, when we got to the top we felt our hearts stop. then boom it was going as fast as a bullet, we were all screaming but laughing at the same time. Then when it stopped we were all scared and we finally, rapidly got off of the cart.

when we had gotten off we were all talking about how fun it was. And we all started to laugh for no real reason. And we all just walked away to get on some other rides.