Hands, Scars and Bruises

Knyasia Nisbett

                        It was a beautiful spring day, me and my sister just came back from running errands with our father. Me and my sister went upstairs while my dad stayed outside sitting on the benches.
            About a couple minutes later my dad calls the house asking me and my sister to come down and enjoy the weather. Before we left I grabbed a tennis racket and ball and we were on our way. When I walked outside I felt a breeze, we opened the building door and we saw our father, he was watching us. I looked out toward the street and didn’t see anything, but that all changed. Next I’m on the ground and people are running up after me. The driver ran swiftly out of his car to help me, but I didn’t want his help. My dad lifted me up, noticed my arm and back scraped up and held me started to cry even more, my ankle was in pain I felt hot,overheated and really dizzy and my arm and back hurt. People helped me stand up, I didn’t want that I just wanted to run up into bed,people thought they should call 911 but my dad and I didn’t want . I remember noticing a worry look on my sisters face. After that we all went upstairs and my dad called my mother, she was on her way to her house and she came by to check on me, I was happy to see her. When she held me in her lap, I started to cry again, not that I was in pain , But the way everyone made me feel safe.
            After my accident I really did not like to talk about it for a whole year, sometimes I wish it never happened but everything happened for a reason. But I don’t think I wanted that to happen to me.