The Crazy Life of the Bronx

Jeta Cosovic

One regular, usual night in the Bronx, everything seemed normal and quiet. But then, a loud bam came out of nowhere. I thought someone got shot. I ran from my bed to the window, and looked out, worried. I noticed a bunch of people surrounded by someone or something. Whatever happened happened from the building across from mine.

I rushed to the living room and saw that my mom and dad were already looking out the window. Everyone was questioning what happened. My dad wanted to go outside. So, we both went and found out what happened. What happened was that a man stabbed his wife in the stomach about 2 or 3 times. Then the man became sad because he thought she died. So, he decided to jump off the building.

Then, a lot of ambulances and police officers came. Also, a channel news truck came too. I saw people shocked, worried, and scared. Until last year, they had flowers and candles outside the man’s building.