An Early Noel Christmas Present

Neriah Amponsah

          It was dusky and a day before Christmas. There was no snow on the ground it was very chilly. At 5pm, my father said, “everyone dress up, we’re going to Cross County to see the Christmas decorations and the extensive Christmas tree.” I went into my red room and put on red pants to wear with a red and white striped long-sleeve shirt, to follow the Christmas theme. I didn’t really have a anything green to war, I kept my hair down and wore a silver headband.

          Then I wore my blue puffy jacket and left the room. I waited for my mom, dad, and brothers to finish. When we all were ready we left. We parked in the parking lot of Getty Square which is in Cross County. When we got to the entrance the decorations were so attractive, the decorations hanging from trees and the shops lined up on the left and right side as me and my family strolled down.

          Then we got to the center of Getty Square where the extensive Christmas tree was standing and two on each side of the extensive Christmas tree. There were so many decorations on the tree, they were all beautiful including the star at the top. There was a little brown shed that inside Santa Claus was sitting, taking pictures with children. We all stood by the extensive Christmas tree and my father asked someone to take us a few pictures by the tree. Afterwards, we kept walking and then we saw the coolest artwork ever!

          There were sculpture made of a plant from a pine tree. Me and my brothers took pictures with the sculptures. There were some sculptures that looked like a shoe and a dress. There was Christmas  music playing, in the tone of bells. My youngest brother Peniel became so terrified of the loud Christmas music he started to sob loudly. I was saying in my head, “ oh my god, its just some nice Christmas music playing. To calm him down we went to smoothie shop, my father bought some smoothies for us and a muffin for Peniel.

         The smoothie shop is outstanding, its nearly similar to Subway’s. In the shop, you can choose the fruit you want in your smoothie and they blend it right in front of you. After the smoothies, we wandered into stores but didn’t buy anything much but a collar long-sleeved buttoned down shirt with a kind of flower design in black and red outlines. After a while, we went to the parking lot, got in the car and drove home. In my head, I was thinking “This was the best Christmas present ever!”