Holiday at Aunt's House

Joshurai Ginyard
It was the month of November, I was in Sunnyside with my  Aunt Gina’s house. My family tumble with a lot of food to prepare for the thanksgiving dinner. We had different kinds of food like mac and cheese, rice, beans, and collard greens. I went inside my aunt Gina’ house and some of my cousins were there. The others was descends parts of pumpkin pie an apple pie and marshmallow. I had to wait to eat. I was so mad that I wanted to explode into million pieces. Their name was Isaisah,Izaisia,Timmela, Jason.Shadee, Mooko. I hugged them so hard like my dad crumbles me. I called  my cousin and brothers to play hide and seek.         After 3 hours, we saw more of my cousins like Jarrod, Tiuana,Jasmine,Brihanna,and Kamoi. After they came in, we were watching a movie called Scary Movie and the movie was hilarious but the little kids had to go upstairs so they can’t see any inappropriate parts that hilarious movie. I glazed at the movie because I was older. It was dinner time. I set up the table with plates, spoons, forks, and knives. My whole family was around. My aunt Gina made us pray after we collapsed down in each tables. We ate after we pray. I ate my food fast because I was very hungry. The dinner was scrumptious.        We play games on the Wii. I wanted to play Michael Jackson: the experience. I stutter my family watching TV. Some of them were mad, arguing to each other. My cousin Mike hugged me. I hugged him back. I smell food because I did not had desert. We have pumpkin pie. I have 3 pieces of pie. I want to have more but I was too full. When it was 2am, I went home because I want to go home so I fell on my bed, fell asleep; I don’t want to wake up.