Team Usa

Brian Acevedo

“If you  really want  be on this team you going  to have to  work hard!” said coach  Kenny. I think I deserve to be on this team because i was putting in a tremendous amount of effort. I just have to show the  coach that I am worthy enough to be on the team.

Today is the last practice. This is where we find out who is going to the Dominican Republic and who is not. “ I deserve to be on this team” cried all the kids, including me. “ Don’t tell me, show me. Today is your last day to do so.” I cried for this , bled for this, and sweated my heart out for this. If I didn’t make the cut i will erupt with tears. I was the first name he called to be the team. I was so excited I had tears of joy. My whole family was, we went out to eat at Applebees!


I knew all the hard work will pay off and boy it did. I just can’t wait until next year to enjoy the experience all again. In Dominican Republic, we ended up in second place out of 16 countries. Our coach kenny was so impress he bought team USA jackets and he video taped all of us and sended it to high schools!