The Trip to the Dentist Gone Wrong

Dayanara Rodriguez

I lay there nervously with my my mouth open. My mom Standing in front of me.
“Are you ok?” she asked me almost every ten seconds.
“ I’m ok!” I respond.
The dentist finished filling my cavity after injecting my gums with anesthesia.
“ you can't eat anything for two hours.” commanded the dentist.
my mom and I leave the room after my dental work is done.
My mom walked to the desk and said something to the lady. I didn’t know what my mom told her or even asked the lady,So we left the dentist.
“ Lets go into Marshalls!” my mom proposed
“ok!” I replied
“ lets not call my mom because you know how she is!” gossiped my mom.
“ yea you know that she will get mad!” I added
We walk into Marshall and started seekin bed sheets and pillows. My mom starts walking away but in that split second, I felt a cold rush come from my toes to my head. Then a second rush that was really hot. Then I felt really weak. I tried rushing to my mom as fast as I could. When I got to her,
“I don’t feel well.” I mumbled.
Then she grabbed me and started screaming bathroom, bathroom. A lady said maybe her blood sugar dropped and gave my mom a gum. I don’t know how I ended up down Stairs.
My mom shoved the gum in my mouth. I felt better, my mom took of my jacket and sweater off and even my shoes. She sat next to me on the floor and i sat on a little square thing. She started massaging my foot and started bawling her eyes out. I told her i felt better and she took me home.