The First Time!

justin ortiz
           it was a hot sticky summer day, when i suddenly got the urge to go rollerskating. so i clipped my skates on, and started to skate towards the park. i arrived at the park and started to roller skate with my friends. when suddenly i was dared to roller skate down the biggest slide in the park. i thought about it i replied....           “yes” i know i could do it. i started to climb the tall ladder. i got on the top of the slide and looked down. i throw myself down the slide with my skates on. “boom” was all you heard as i fell trying the attempted the deadly stunt. i screamed with agony as i laid there on the rubber floor.            eventually i got up then finally went home and acted like nothing happened when my mom asked to help her lifted a table, i replied ok. when i tried lifting the table, she noticed something was unusual so she took me to the hospital.